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Time entries.
Airdesk helps you control or respond to the following situations:
  • How many hours were spent in a project.
  • Where more employee hours are being spent.
  • Reasons that may be causing inefficient time.
  • Extra customer hours.
  • The exact time spent on each project.

Time Fields

In order manage time with accuracy, it's important that you fill out the time fields presented in the table below:
Name of the field
Associate with
You can associate it to a client, contract, task, business, among others.
The information of the contacted person.
Location and Address
If the service was remote or On-site and where was it.
The date when the time was released.
Date and time the task should start.
Date and time the task should be completed.
Inefficient Time (Minutes)
Inefficient time during launched time.
Total Pauses (Minutes)
Time in minutes of breaks during the time entry.
Travel time (Minutes)
Travel time during the time entry.
Type of Time record
Time category released.
Report to client
Detailed report of what was done in this time for the client.
Internal note
A note only visible internally.
Relevant attachments.