Deals management with control of cases, tasks or hours.

Deal management is one of Airdesk's most useful features. It aims to manage any type of deal. By using the contracts, you'll be able to create:


Once there are launches made, Airdesk helps you to control or respond to the following questions:

  1. How many deals were closed this month?

  2. How much € value the client has yet to pay?

  3. How much € business value was raised by the seller?

  4. What's the state of the deal?

  5. What were the last deals requested by the customer?

  6. What company is the deal in?

  7. What's delaying the dispatch of the deal?

  8. How long ago was it sent to the client?

  9. Among others.

Deals Fields

In order to be able to make manage deals with accuracy, it's important that you fill out the contract fields presented in the table below:

Field name



Assign the contract to one of your companies.


You can associate with a client.


The customer's primary contact for the respective contract.

Nº Sales Opportunity

Number for those who want to identify a number, for example, from the ERP.



Free contract description.


Deal start date.


Deal end date.


Monetary value of the contract.


Which pipeline it’s associated with.

Deal Status

What the status of the contract is.

Responsible for Deal

Who is the internal salesperson responsible for the deal.


Who has access to the deal.

Teams / Collaborators

Who has access, whether user or team.

Attributed to

To whom the contract is assigned internally.


Files attached to the contract.

Deals special fields

There are some view fields that help to monitor the state of the deal. These fields are dynamic and based on the settings of each contract.


The field allows you to know the total number of dependencies you have so that they can be closed. In the example below, you can see that the respective contract has 48 complete dependencies out of 51.

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