Return Path

What is Return Path?

The Return Path is a setting that has a direct impact on the delivery of emails. This is a field in the header of emails that contains the address to which they will be sent.

The destination server will send a response to Return Path whenever the user has a full mailbox, or when the user does not exist, the server does not exist, spam, etc. If for any reason delivery does not occur, an email will be sent to Return Path.

How to configure the Return Path

To configure the Airdesk Return Path, you must add a CNAME record to your domain's DNS settings, with the host adrp.<>, where you must add the value:

Example of a Return Path record:

Name / HostType of RecordValueTTL

adrp.@ = (


adrp.<subdomain> =(



Return Path configuration steps

  1. Access your domain manager

  2. Go to DNS management for the domain you want to configure

  3. Add a CNAME record

  4. In Name/Host, add adrp.<>

  5. In the value add

  6. Save the record

How to validate the Return Path

After adding the data to your domain, you can validate the registration using the “Validate Records” button in the domain configuration area on Airdesk.

If you need help, you should email us at or talk to us directly via the chat on the website.

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