Domains and URL's

Creation and management of custom domains.

Airdesk gives users the option to create custom mailboxes for all types of organizations. For this to be possible, the domain that will be present in the addresses must first be validated.

By configuring the domains, you can use Airdesk as the main email service or add it to an existing service, being able to use both services at the same time.

The domain validation steps are the most important in this feature, because they are used to confirm that the domain is really yours, before moving on. Validation is based on four records made on the domain's DNS management page.

Why do we need to verify the domain?

Airdesk strictly follows domain verification as an essential step to ensure that:

  • The domain provided is valid and has not expired;

  • The domain was provided by its rightful owner or by a user with permission to access the DNS configuration page;

  • The domain is NOT a spoofed address to avoid any misuse or loss of service.

To carry out this verification and for the e-mail service to work, it will be necessary to register the following points:

pageSPF RecordpageDKIM RecordpageReturn PathpageMX Record

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