Discover the Automation Interface

Workflow Builder

The menu bar provides information about the flow, such as:

  • Name

  • Settings

  • Activity

  • Whether the flow is active or not

  • Hide/Show notes

  • Test button

  • Add nodes/actions

  • Save


The canvas is the working area, where you build a flow by adding elements. As you add elements to the canvas and connect them together, you see a visual diagram of your workflow.

Add nodes

The "Add nodes" area contains a toolbox with access to all available resources to create workflows. In this area it is possible to find the available options of triggers, conditions, and actions that we want our workflow to run.

Workflow Building Blocks


All elements that will be part of the workflow. All must be chosen correctly for automation to work.


Define the path that the flow takes at runtime. They tell the flow which element to execute next.


Are containers inside elements that represent a given value, such as field values or formulas. You can reference resources throughout your flow. For example, look up an account’s ID, store that ID in a variable, and later reference that ID to send an email with that information.

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