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Menu (+) and (---)

There are two Airdesk context menus.
In Airdesk, you'll find two context menus:

Service Menu

Normally, this menu can be found at the level of the various services. For example, in the contract list view, you can find an icon at the beginning of the list at the contract level.
By selecting the menu, you can see the following options:
Menu name
View 360
Add call
Shortcut to create a call associated with the contract.
Add case
Shortcut to create a case associated with the contract.
Add task
Shortcut to create a task associated with the contract.
Add time
Shortcut to create a time record associated with the contract.
Duplicate the contract and present it in the creation form.
Export PDF
Export the contract to PDF [1].
Export XLS
Export the contract to XLS [1].
Email report
Send the attached report to the customer [1].
Copy link
Copy the link from the contract to the clipboard so you can share it.
[1]: when selecting an export option, you can select the following options:
Date to send
Select the date range to include in the report.
Time record to include:
Not classified
Include unclassified time records.
Include classified time records.
Include invoiced time records.
Associated but classified to another entity
Include time records classified to multiple companies. If several companies are configured.

View Menu

The menu can be found in the view option bar:
When opening the view options menu, you can find some of these features:
Export everything to Excel
Export all data included in the filter.
Export page to Excel
Export only currently visible data.
Edit Columns
Edit the grid columns.
Restore Columns
Restore only the columns seen.
Restore Everything
Restore sorting, columns, column sizes and others.
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