List of upcoming features you may soon expect to find in Airdesk.

This area is informational only. There are features that may be delayed or even cancelled due to complexity or prioritization. Please use this guide for informational purposes only.


The Airdesk Notification Center will allow users to have an overview of Airdesk alerts. They will be able to choose in detail which type of notifications they want to receive and how they receive each one (bell, pop-up, browser, mobile app or email).


Airdesk Docs will enable teams to improve document workflows between processes. This module will give users the option to create documents and layouts with workspace data quickly and easily.


The vacation module will be the first Airdesk module directly linked to the human resources area. With it you will be able to manage absences of the organization's employees, manage how many days each one has available, create approval processes and view vacations of colleagues from the department or team.

More updates available soon.

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