List of upcoming features you may soon expect to find in Airdesk.
This area is informational only. There are features that may be delayed or even cancelled due to complexity or prioritization. Please use this guide for informational purposes only.


Airdesk's Automation engine is the perfect solution to help teams reduce the amount of manual repetitive work, speed up the process, and minimize the rate of human error. Automation Engine is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding experience to create the automation rules.


Multi-Adress brings to Airdesk the possibility of adding multiple addresses to an Account. This feature allows you to add addresses and customize them with a name, so that you can easily identify them when creating multiple records, such as Cases or Tasks.


Feedback from customers is very important for any company, especially when services such as installations, repairs or other customer support are provided. To help with these situations, Airdesk will give its users the option to send a Feedback email from a closed Case. The client's evaluation would be attached to the Case and can be consulted whenever necessary.

Notification Center

Airdesk Notification Center will allow the user to have an overview of the alerts they receive on Airdesk. They will be able to choose in detail what kind of notifications they want to receive.
More updates available soon.
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