List of upcoming features you may soon expect to find in Airdesk.

Airdesk Updates

This area is informational only. There are features that may be delayed or even cancelled due to complexity or prioritization. Please use this guide for informational purposes only.

  • Notification Center

  • Column selector

  • New user hours launcher card in heatmap

  • Sidebar Preview - Messages inbox

  • API keys

  • Web hooks

  • Card View

  • Re-design of the preview view

  • Custom Fields

  • Automation V2.0 - Consider approvals

  • Project templates

  • Dashboard Card Chooser 2.0

  • Connect to Calendar

  • Space(s)

  • Map View

  • Report Rating

  • Reminder - Email Notification

  • Analytics - Social media

  • Widget front end online chat

  • Agents - Online chat

  • Email Template

  • Module Service Status - Backofice

  • Module Service Status - Front end

  • Whiteboard

  • Holidays V2.0

  • Recruitment, Profile, Resumes, Capabilities, Applications, Status, Scheduling, Notifications Charts as code

  • Training, Certification, Calendar, Status, Who did it, Trainer, Trainees, Schedule, Notification, to Clients, attachments, email exchange, evaluation form.

More updates available soon.