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09-11-2022 - V40

New features

  • Added new shift report

  • Added new columns and filters of the last pipeline/state change in all items

  • Added countable flag in cost centers in order to hide them from productivity reports


  • Design and user experience improvements

12-08-2022 - V39

New features

  • Added city and postal code filter to contracts and accounts

  • Added new user data fields, e.g. personal data, cost centers, categories

  • Added new countable field to time types

  • Added new productivity report

  • Added new options to data filters: x days ago, etc...


  • Corrections to personal notifications module

  • Corrections to translations

  • Bugfixes in customizable dashboard

  • Bugfixes in Task reporting

23-06-2022 - V38

New features

  • Redesigned vertical navigation bar

  • Redesigned and added new and old statuses of airdesk services

  • Pipeline and status changes history in views

  • Added performance filter to the project list


  • Correction on performance filters of contracts

  • Bugfix on pipeline states filters

  • Graphical corrections on airdesk's Reports page

03-05-2022 - V37

New features

  • Personal Notifications Module


  • Design improvements

  • Translation bugfixes

  • Corrected adding employees directly to an already created company

  • Corrected adding users directly to an already created department

10-03-2022 - V36

New features

  • "Renew" button in Contracts, changes the status of an existing Contract to completed and creates a new record depending on the existing renewal period

  • Favicon counts the number of unread notifications

  • Added "Closing Date" filter to Cases

  • New permissions for financial data

  • Filters in Omni Search


  • Performance Improvements

  • Design Improvements

  • Advanced Tasks filter in timeline view

  • Export Contract with new fields

28-02-2022 - V35

New features

  • Possibility of registering Notes in the various modules

  • Advanced color filters with the ability to save and share

  • New Feedback procedure through the widget


  • Performance Improvements

  • Design Improvements

  • New arrangement of menu icons

  • API fixes

  • Filters in the Times module

03-02-2022 - V34

New features

  • Added "Contacts" field in Tasks

  • New layout in notification email when case is created from email

  • New layout in the "Notify Contact" email in the Cases module

  • Widget allows customizing confirmation message


  • Performance Improvements

  • Design Improvements

  • Kanban view

  • Translations

07-01-2022 - V33

New features

  • Added "Role" field to Contacts

  • Validation of duplicates in VAT (NIF), Phone, Email or Domain fields in Accounts

  • "Origined" in Accounts now shows associated Subscriptions

  • New layout in notification email when ticket is created in Widget


  • Performance Improvements

  • Feedback to Cases

  • Contract Reports in PDF

  • Time Reports in PDF

  • Filter "Value" in Contracts

  • List view

  • Calendar view

  • Timeline view

  • Kanban view

  • View Cards

  • Translations

29-12-2021 - V32

New features

  • Multi-address

  • New Feedback feature, where Airdesk sends a Case evaluation email to the associated contact

  • NIF validation field with new location in Account Creation

  • Possibility to sort Accounts by Name

  • Group Billing records by Account

  • Possibility of creating a Business through a Call

  • In the Kanban view of the Projects, the cards now show the start and end date

  • User signature on Time reports

  • Widget allows you to customize help message


  • Color filters

  • Kanban view

  • User permissions

  • Design and user experience improvements

14-12-2021 - V31

New features

  • Export Email Messages

  • Accounts created by the Widget can be associated with a predefined Account Type

  • Added "Closing Date" and "Company" column to the list of Cases


  • Kanban View

  • Corrections in Filters

03-12-2021 - V30

New features

  • New Text Editor

  • Export PDF with attached images

16/11/2021 - V29

New features

  • New Add popup


  • Design improvements

13/10/2021 - V28

New features

  • Possibility to add custom labels to documents

  • Related documents

16/09/2021 - V27

New features

  • New shortcut F2 - Add

29/07/2021 - V26

New features

  • Menu bar with new vertical view


  • In the 360º view of an account, in the Classifications, when Exporting Excel only the respective records are listed

02/07/2021 - V25

New features

  • Create Tasks in Sidebar view

  • Multiple Tasks

18/06/2021 - V24

New features

  • New favorites bar on the side

  • Organize favorites by Folders

08/06/2021 - V23

New features

  • New view on cards


  • Possibility to delete image from Widget

  • Social Media of the company in the Widget

02/06/2021 - V22

New features

  • Messages preview in Sidebar


  • Total page results update with filters

31/05/2021 - V21

New features

  • In the Kanban view, it's possible to expand and minimize each column


  • Registration of Cancellation Reasons

20/05/2021 - V20

New features

  • The list view allows users to edit the visible columns

  • Possibility to fix columns

14/05/2021 - V19

New features

  • "Test Subscription" button sends a test email to the user

  • 360° view on the right in Inbox e-mails

  • Personalized email signatures

  • 360º view with new Messages tab

  • 360º view with new Contacts tab

18/03/2021 - V18


  • More intuitive onboarding, divided into steps and with a progress bar

  • Insertion of tooltips in all onboarding fields

  • Welcome page always available in the navigation bar

  • "Other" option, in the "Industry" field, in the company settings

  • Options "http" and "https" in the field "Protocol" in the company settings

  • All users are informed when an invitation is accepted

  • The "Associate to" field was added in the Time Control Report

  • Possibility of filtering messages and emails by client

  • The field "Location" was added in the Tasks

  • Possibility to close multiple emails

  • Selection of fixed columns


  • Possibility to invite users to the team on onboarding

  • Option "+ Add ..." available in all fields

  • The last settings in the Notifications filters are saved

17/02/2021 - V17


  • Creating icons for states in users

  • Permission to delete inbox email

  • Widget data validation

  • Email preview

  • Subscription dropdown in the inbox

  • Delete domain

02/02/2021 - V16


  • Creation of color markers for filter identification

  • Customization of fixed columns

  • "Originated" columns in Excel export

  • Widget 2.0 with new design and feedback block for digital platforms

  • User case evaluation system


  • Business dashboard and business report

  • Design improvements to give more depth and detail in some areas

01/07/2020 - V15


  • Possibility to open/create cases or deals via message

  • Development of e-mail signature

  • Possibility to create a deal via email

  • Creation of a new conversation via case

  • Omni-search delivers results by deal and subscriptions

  • Changing the social media in the company sidebar simultaneously changes the Widget

  • Possibility to choose the Widget's position (between the lower right or left corner)

  • Possibility to schedule tasks on a regular basis (e.g., a task that has to be performed weekly)

01/06/2020 - V14


  • Card configurator

  • Editor view

  • Client cases

  • Filter open calls

  • Changing states in the view itself

  • Client name included in grid view

  • Button to add time

  • Added time log filters per client


  • Update on how hours are released

20/08/2020 - V13.02


  • Everything that is exported goes into the export history in "settings".

  • Possibility of cancelling an invitation.

  • New sidebar with more fields in the classification.

  • User permission management when sending an invitation.

  • Preferences in grid views.

  • New sidebar with fullscreen, sidebar, or modal options.

  • Option to set "Client Type" on import.

  • Creation of the publication history.

  • Developer (user) view + Sidebar settings.

  • Start view (dashboard).

  • New fields in the classification.

  • Publications in social media with links and images.


  • Airdesk performance improvement.

  • Widget configurator in the settings panel.

  • Added systems user for the creation of the publishing history.

  • Restore button in all views includes the "assigned to me" by default.

  • Kanban and timeline view in missing pages.

  • Dropdown correction in case reporting.

  • Correction of Rounding values in Contracts.

25/06/2020 - V13.01


  • By clicking the "Delete" button to delete a widget, nothing happened.

  • When editing and adding one more subject an error occurred.

  • To get the widget working on a page/site it was necessary to delete the Airdesk generated embed code: "<!-- $airdesk SDK actions go under here -->";

30/04/2020 - V13


  • It's possible to automatically convert the deal into a project by filling in the OPV field, create a free writing field under the "Invoicing" in the classification and remove the minimum 30 characters in the time filling.

31/03/2020 - V12


  • In the social media feature, you can schedule and share posts on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and create a list of ideal publishing schedules, with unlimited number of links. Thus, it ensures that you never publish posts at times of low adherence.

  • Airdesk, like Google Docs, works in real time. Using the color Orange, the Airdesk informs the user when there are changes in an element that is on your screen. There is also a new column that allows you to see, in real time, who is working on the item.


  • Preview of new file types, including .msg with attachments. You don't need to download the file to then view it.

26/02/2020 - V11


  • Now you can follow or add users to follow.

  • Sidebar V3: New submission and viewing form.

  • Menu V3: Number of total notifications to be read in the Navigation Menu.

  • New Navigation Menu.

  • New support icons.

  • Icon to follow, attachments and messages.

  • Reply to a comment.

  • New permission for sensitive data. A user without access to sensitive data will not be able to see emails, dates of birth, among others.

  • Possibility to copy the link in order to share it.

  • In contracts, minimum invoicing interval, rental margin.

  • Introducing Airbot, the new user of the System.


  • We changed the comment system to the chat/messenger/message system.

  • We increased the length of the sidebar to suit the contents.

  • GDPR / LGDP field, editable legal contact source.

  • New filters in the contract view.

  • Missing description field in the list of cases and tasks and in "select columns and kanban".

  • We have included a signature on PDF export.

10/02/2020 - V10.5


New field in contacts: Legal basis for the processing of a contact's data

  • Legitimate interest - possible / potential

  • Legitimate interest - other

  • Execution of a contract

  • Consent given by contact

  • Not applicable

Export of various times and selected cases. (β) New advanced import feature for contacts and clients. Client and contact import feature


  • Some fields in the 360-degree activity view were missing.

  • The coordinate field isn't empty when adding via map.

  • Filters in the subscriptions.

  • Missing fields in the export of contacts and clients.

28/01/2020 - V10.0


  • Checklists and checklist templates on tasks.

  • By double clicking on the line, Airdesk opens the side view. When clicking three times, Airdesk opens the 360-degree view.

  • Export multiple time entries.

  • (β) Custom Dashboard.

  • Birthday card on personal dashboard.


  • Correction of permissions: the interface doesn't display buttons to which the user has no access.

  • The export of subscriptions did not include all of the necessary fields.

  • In the administration view, we changed the interface so that it works with tabs.

30/12/2019 - V9.0


  • The system no longer allows users to close cases with open tasks, because they have dependencies. It will be necessary to close everything below to be able to conclude the case.

  • New project and contract dashboards.

  • Automatic PDF/reporting to clients.

  • Subcases: it's now possible to create cases to cases.

  • Inefficient time reasons.

  • New project and contract report.


  • Correction of permissions: the interface doesn't display buttons to which the user has no access.

  • New control of hours in contracts: it's now possible to create an annual contract with the control of monthly hours.

  • In the contracts, it's possible to detect the hours launched before and after the start and closing dates of the contract.

  • New periodicity column in the contracts.

29/11/2019 - V8.0 (β Android)


Airdesk enters Beta version for Android.

In order to optimize search time, and reuse geo-location, we changed the location field to an intelligent field that combines georeferencing with address:

  • Google Maps search - you can even search by company name.

  • You can add all the data manually.

  • Being able to georeference the location on the map.

  • Power to search addresses, based on the location.

  • Allowing users to include their current location.

The one marked as unread is signaled in blue, even when it's assigned to you again.

In the timeline view, in the lower right field, there are new buttons:

  • Month view

  • Annual View

  • Zoom

  • New activity card on dashboards.


  • The Loss Reasons card on the deal dashboard is fixed.

  • In the projects, the columns "performance" and "total hours" are separated.

  • You can change the client's status in the list view.

  • The attached files show the submission date.

  • In the administration view, users are sorted by name and by default.

  • The description field is minimized by default.

  • Description field requires a minimum of 30 characters.

01/10/2019 - V7.0 and V6.0

We have joined two versions in one: version 7 and 6. We present below the list of news.


  • Advanced filters with AND and OR.

  • New RESPONSIBLE filter.

  • New notification design, always in the center of the screen.

  • New totals bar in the footer in list view.

  • Resize columns.

  • Hide columns.

  • New 25X faster cache system.

  • Deals in notifications.

  • (β) New case, task and deal dashboards with last 180 days or last month.

  • "Deal" has new graph for loss.

  • New validate NIF's button - after adding NIF, click the icon and the system validates it.

  • 360-degree deal view.

  • Possibility to add timetables in contracts and reason(s) of loss when the contract is lost. Possibility to indicate the type of project in the projects, the travel time in minutes and the time of inefficiencies.


  • All forms in the detail views have been corrected.

  • New forms design - Fields occupy 100%.

  • Comments at the end of all forms. It's no longer necessary to edit the description.

  • New navigation menu.

  • In the department selector, the person in charge appears.

  • The restore button now clears the quick search bar.

  • New time view design.

  • Possibility to disable departments.

30/08/2019 - V5.0


  • New case and task dashboards.

  • Now you can hide the filters, click the arrow next to the page title.

  • New add menu.

01/08/2019 - V4.0


  • In Dashboards, it's possible to hide the modules/cards. Click on the button with the 3 circles and click on edit modules.

  • In the listings, we put two dashes - when there are no results, this so you can visually identify that the result is at 0.

  • You can now reorder and remove columns. Just click on the button with the 3 circles and click edit columns.

  • Filters: client, project and contract.

  • New timeline view: Drag-n-Drop on tasks in calendar view. It's possible, by dragging the block boundaries, to move tasks between days. By clicking for 2 seconds on a task, you can move it completely.

  • It's possible to perform several new actions on the calendar. By clicking on the DATA, you can add a task that day. By double clicking on an empty space, it's possible to add a task to that employee on that specific day.

  • Omni-search: In the search, you can already find employee data, such as the extension.

  • Projects: Sorting by hours spent.

  • Contracts: It's possible to create opening hours in contracts.

  • Deals: New deal module.

  • Cases: It's already possible to cancel cases, for example duplicates.

  • Clients: Correction in the form to create a client. The contact isn't immediately applied.

  • Pipelines: In all views, we have a new concept that are the PIPELINES.

01/07/2019 - V3


  • Drill Up and Drill Down as seen.

  • New "Originated" field allows you to see Drill Down.

  • We have added the "Company" field on all platforms and all views.

  • Quick search in all views.

  • Rollover in all fields shows the detail.


  • We have created the total of contracts in the client list.

  • We have added the phone number field in the contacts.

  • In Cases view - The "Originated" view should be sorted by date.

  • Error in the Alerts links. Do not filter when clicking on the "correction" alert, in the Contracts default sorting.

  • Improvements in the dashboard to make it more visible.

  • Improvements in the listings to make them more noticeable.

  • In Timepicker, validate when submitting when the final date is less than the initial correction in the classification.

01/06/2019 - V2


  • Omni-search API

  • Client name appears in notifications

  • "Mobile" field added in contacts

  • In the classification, automatically mapping of the "State" field, depending on what was chosen at the origin

  • Export to Excel

  • New view in Kanban

  • Timetable in company information

  • "AND" and "OR" options in filters

  • New module "Commercial"

  • The department and the person in charge is notified when a project reaches 80% and 90%, and at 95%, whenever someone in the team launches time spent on the project.

  • Filters in the modules "Contract" and "Projects"

  • New TimePicker

  • Service id in forms title

  • Totals of lists on footer

  • "Created by" in lists and filters

  • Comments

  • Column sizer

  • Omnibox

  • "Edit" and "+" buttons in kanban view

  • "Restore All" option in filters

  • "Created by" filter in time log and classifications

  • Advanced "Sort by" and "Grouped" filters on grids

  • It is possible to block a user without deleting him, he will not be able to login

  • Created filter of person responsible

  • Service details

  • Contact popover

  • Team filter in time record and in classifications

  • The report presents the total number of travels

15/03/2019 - V1


  • Popover with context

  • Creation of paging with arrows

  • New calendar and timeline views

  • Detail views across the platform

  • Drag and drop function on dashboard

  • Creation of a timer for time control

  • Possibility of filtering projects according to the project manager

  • Billing: Classification

  • Possibility to add states to contracts

  • A call can be launched on a project, contract, case and task

  • Possibility to schedule calls, cases and tasks to contracts

  • Search via OPV

  • Button to remove all filters

  • Export a time record to PDF

  • Export a report to Excel

  • Logo customization in PDF by company

  • Send email or notification with missing hours report

  • Logo on company and project information

  • Logo on project information

  • Avatars in the users', teams' and departments' information

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