Accounts are customers or organizations.

Before you can take advantage of the Airdesk, the first step is to create accounts and them the contacts. You can create them as new contacts appear, but we suggest that, if you already have them, you create them before inviting other members of the company.

How to create an account

Click on the top right corner in "Contacts" and select "Accounts" in the menu.

Field Name



Image that identifies the account in Airdesk.


Name of the account.


The status of the account: Active, Inactive, In Approval, Blocked.


To use this field, you must configure it in the administration panel. Segment the accounts by type, for example, Customer, Supplier, Partner, among others.


The location field allows to define the country, address, city and geo-referencing.


Company contacts.

VAT Number

VAT Number is a field that has a validation feature in the Cloud. After adding the number, click the Icon to validate it.


It's the customer's website, examples:


Free field for observations.

360° view

With the 360 View you can see all activity originating from each account, business, project or case in a single place. This view ensures that all records associated with the principal will be listed and easily accessed.

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