DKIM Record

What is DKIM Record?

DKIM or DomainKeys Identify Mail is a registry that helps prevent email spam, spoofing and phishing. It is a digital signature attached to an outgoing email, which helps the recipient to authenticate the email.

The DKIM signature contains vital information about the cryptographic signature, hashing the email body and details on where the public key can be retrieved by the receiving SMTP server. DKIM uses public and private key cryptography for the verification process. The signer uses the private key and the verifier uses the corresponding public key to complete the email authentication process.

The receiving email server uses that public and private key to validate the origin of the email. If there is a validation failure, the recipient's server may reject the email or classify it as spam.

How to configure the DKIM Record

To configure the DKIM record, Airdesk generates a public key and a private key unique to the chosen domain. In the domain's DNS manager, you will need to create a TXT record with the host generated by Airdesk with the code airdesk-._domainkey.<>.

To validate the DKIM record in DNS, you will have to put in the value field the code generated by Airdesk, starting with “v=DKIM1; …”.

Example of a DKIM record:

Name / HostType of RecordValueTTL



v=DKIM1; t=s; h=sha256; p=APFfMA0GCSqGBiQKBgQDNVt0R/3AXuVlIz0Sx7D6SeeD8wWQI4cezBX3gQBVJTipp+vhPMCpk+GP2PHMUOB1uohD+klGmN+4DZPz8V0+R9KSETSxeOODOU/PwIDAQAB;


DKIM Record configuration steps

  1. Access your domain manager

  2. Go to DNS management for the domain you want to configure

  3. Add a TXT record

  4. In Name/Host, use the first generated record (example: airdesk-<selector>._domainkey.<>)

  5. Add the value starting with “v=DKIM1; …

  6. Save the record

How to validate the DKIM Record

After adding the data to your domain, you can validate the registration using the “Validate Records” button in the domain configuration area on Airdesk.

If you need help, you should email us at or talk to us directly via the chat on the website.

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