Know exactly the amount of time spent with each client.

Check whether the hours released either by project, contract or assistance, are correct or if there are irregularities.

Easily classify the time spent with each business, track its progress, know exactly its start and end date, and the origin of the classification.

The Classification module allows users to:

  • Quickly find the deal you are searching for by adding the filters: Account, Billing Nº, Billing Status, Classification Nº, Classification Origin, Company, Contract, Created by, Delivery time, Department, End Date, Inefficient hours, Inserted hours, Origin, Pauses, Project, Report to client, Start date, Team, Time, recorded Nº and Type of Time record.

  • Create advanced custom filters for an easier search. You can classify the invoice status as: By Classify, By Invoice, Contract, Company, Project, Guarantee and Business.

  • Ordering by: Time Record Nº, Classification Nº, Billing Nº, Billing Status, Company, Start Date, End Date, Account, Duration, Inserted hours, Inefficient hours, Pauses and Type.

  • Group by: Client, Location and Organization.

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