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Airdesk has default Dashboards available, but you can also customize them.

Default Dashboards

Airdesk provides the following dashboards:

  1. Personal

  2. Cases

  3. Tasks

  4. Projects

  5. Contracts

  6. Deals

  7. Customized

How to configure the Dashboard

There are some features available on dashboards. One is sorting. To do this, just select and press the block so you can move it. The second feature is the possibility to scale the blocks. For this, you must select the lower right corner of each block. Finally, in the upper right corner, you'll find a button with 3 circles. In this one, you can select "configure dashboard" where you can choose which blocks to hide or show.

Customized Dashboard

You can create a custom dashboard with any type of information you have access to. To create a custom dashboard, select the menu's custom Dashboard.

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