Contracts management with control of cases, tasks or hours.

Contract management is one of Airdesk's most versatile features. It aims to be able to control any type of contract. By using the contracts, you'll be able to launch of:


Once there are entries made, Airdesk helps you to control or respond to the following situations:

  1. How many hours are included in the contract.

  2. What the value of the contract is.

  3. How many tasks are left to complete the contract.

  4. When the contract is renewed.

  5. You cannot close a contract while cases or tasks are still open. It will be necessary to close everything before concluding the contract, so that the missing tasks are removed from the employees' agendas.

  6. How many hours were released this month?

  7. Has the client already exceeded the time limit?

  8. Why has this contract exceeded 20 hours?

  9. Among others.

Contract Fields

In order to manage with contracts with accuracy, it's important that you fill out the contract fields presented in the table below:

Field Name



Assign the contract to one of your companies.

Assign to

You can associate the contract with a client or a deal.


The customer's primary contact for the respective contract.


Which pipeline it’s associated with.


What the status of the contract is.

Nº Sales Opportunity

Number for those who want to identify a number, for example, from the ERP.

Type of Contract

You must first configure the types of contract.

Total Value

Monetary value of the contract.

Minimum billing interval (min)

You can configure the invoicing interval value, for example, 15 minutes.

Rounding margin (min)

You can define a rounding margin, for example 5 minutes.

Estimated time (Hours)

Maximum estimated time you intend to spend on the contract


Contract start date.


Contract end date.


Total number of trips included.


Periodicity of contract renewal.

Time Control Periodicity

You can set the frequency of the time control.

Maximum hours per Period

You can manage hours per month, for example, an annual contract that has a maximum of 40 hours per month.

Value per Hour

Monetary value, reference per hour.


Free contract description.

Opening hours

Service timetable included in the contract.


Who is responsible for the contract.


Who has access to the contract.

Teams / Collaborators

Who has access, whether user or team.


Internal note

Internal description that will not be added to exports or notifications.


Files attached to the contract.

Special contract fields

There are some display fields that help to manage the status of contracts. These fields are dynamic and based on the settings of each contract.


The field allows you to know the total number of dependencies you have so that it can be closed. In the example below, you can see that the respective contract has 4 complete dependencies out of 4.

Control by periodicity

The field allows you to visualize, within the defined period, which contract has exceeded the desired hours. In the example below, you can see that in September contract hours were exceeded.

Exceeded hours

The field allows you to view exceeded hours launched per contract. The arrow indicates whether they were before or after the contract. In the example below, you can see that they were posted 10 hours and 32 minutes before the contract start date and 1 hour after the contract end date.

This field is not used to validate exceeded hours.


The field allows you to know, without having to calculate hours and in percentage, the number of hours skipped.

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