There are several options to view the same data in Airdesk.

Depending on the menu and the type of content, one or more views may not be available.

Each Airdesk view was created for a specific purpose, with specific features. Below is a list of available views:


Airdesk's default view

The view is composed of columns, similar to a spreadsheet. It allows you to change the size of the columns and reorder when selecting the column.

By using the view context menu, you can configure which columns you want to view or hide. When selecting the "edit columns" option, the following menu is displayed:

In the left side column, you can select which columns you want to keep or hide. In the right-side column, the order of the columns is displayed. It's possible to reorder them or even remove them. There is also a shortcut to restore the columns.


By default, Airdesk displays 50 pages in the results, you should try to keep this value as the default option so that your work performance is the best. When increasing this number, you'll have to wait for the system to load all the data.

Features available in the paging bar:




Jump to the homepage.

Go back one page.


Jump to a specific page.

One page forward.


Jump to the last page.

50 🔽

Select a specific number of results.

Extra features available:



1 - 50

The result number you are viewing.


Total number of results.


Update view.


Ideal view to visualize, over time, the assignment of projects or tasks.

In this view, you can find customization tools in the bottom right corner:




Select the magnifying glass with - (minus) symbol to reduce the zoom level.

🔍 +

Select the magnifying glass with + (plus) symbol to increase the zoom level.


Change column size to Month / Day.


Change column size to Year / Month.


Shortcut to re-center the calendar to today.


There are some features that allow you to manipulate tasks or projects in a very simple way, such as:



Side bars

Select and drag to change the start and end day (times will not be changed).

Move Task or Project

Hover the cursor over it and wait 2 seconds. Then you can drag so that you can move from one day to the next (the hours will not change).

Move Calendar

You can select an empty space and drag to move the calendar.


This view is ideal for managing daily work. It's composed by vertical columns that can have personalized names (pipeline / pipeline stages).

In this view, you can drag from one column to another in order to change the status.


With this feature, teams can better view the progress of tasks, cases, projects in a card format.

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