MX Record

The MX Record (Mail Exchanger) is a record configured in the domain's DNS that indicates where an email should be forwarded on the internet. An MX record points to an email server, which accepts incoming emails for a domain.

This DNS feature tells the servers where the email will be delivered, in compliance with the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocols.

How to configure the MX Record

The configuration of the MX Record is one of the most important for you to be able to use emails within Airdesk. After verifying your domain, you will be able to send emails with the accounts you create with the validated domain.

To validate this record, you will have to add the MX data in the DNS configuration area of your domain, using an MX record type, and adding the following value:

As a priority in this record, you should use the value 10, which is the preferred “priority” level.

Example of an MX record:

Name / HostType of RecordValueTTL

@ = (


subdomain =




MX Record configuration steps

  1. Access your domain manager

  2. Go to DNS management for the domain you want to configure

  3. Add a MX record

  4. In Name/Host, use @ (if you want to configure the registration in the main domain)

  5. Set Priority to 10

  6. In the value add

  7. Save the record

How to validate the MX Record

After adding the data to your domain, you can validate the registration using the “Validate Records” button in the domain configuration area on Airdesk.

If you need help, you should email us at or talk to us directly via the chat on the website.

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