Task Assignment.

When using the tasks, you can make postings of:

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Airdesk helps you control or respond to the following situations:

  • What tasks are necessary to complete a project.

  • What tasks are required to complete a case.

  • Which tasks are assigned to the client.

  • Which tasks are assigned to the contract.

  • What tasks are assigned to the business.

  • Which tasks are assigned to the employee.

Task Fields

In order to be able to perform a control with some accuracy, it's important that you fill out the fields presented in the table below:

Name of the field


Associate with

You can associate it to a client, contract, task, business, among others.

Location and Address

Place where the case will be executed.


Name of the task to be assigned.


Which pipeline will be associated with.


What is the status of the pipeline.

Assigned to

To whom the contract is assigned internally.


Estimated time

Estimated time for this task.


Date and time the task should start.


Date and time the task should be completed.


Create a checklist of goals within the task.

Internal note

A note only visible internally that should contain indications of how to complete the task.


Relevant attachments to help with the task resolution.

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